The history to “look up”:
After 8 years in Bangladesh (Asia) as missionary, the missionary Ngomba Jean returned to Côte d'Ivoire for sabbatical leave. Remembering the time he spent in prayer for his needs because he did not have regular financial support, and knowing that more than 80% of the missionaries' prayer time was devoted to their needs, the Lord ordered him to begin the mobilization for the financial and material support of the missionaries so that they may devote more of their prayer time to the work to which the Lord has called them.

He shared this initiative with a few brothers who did not hesitate to accompany him by creating the (Communauté des Riches pour Dieu), the structure that carries this project. This is how was born “levez les yeux”

“Levez les yeux” is a virtual platform bringing together African missionaries working in Africa and brothers and sisters in Christ having understood the principle of sharing that the Bible teaches us in (2 Cor 8:15).

Objective of "Levez les yeux" is:
• Know and bring together African missionaries to take better care of them.
• Mobilize and sensitize the body of Christ to the needs (well-being) of the missionaries who are on the mission field.

All the funds collected on the platform and in our offices will go directly to the missionaries each month minus 10% who will be retained by the platform for its operation.

We believe that Africa has the means to materially and financially support all those who are fighting to roll back the darkness of our villages.

The Community of the Riches for God (CRD) has for vision: An Africa “where the one who has, does not have too much and the one who does not lack nothing”

And to achieve this vision, the C.R.D is based on the following pillars.


Levez les yeux Initiative is a virtual platform for mobilizing resources (financial and material). The website allows to know and gather the missionaries to give the possibility to the body of Christ to bring to them financial support.

II. COMMUNITY LIFE INITIATIVE (Church in the house) Acts 2:42

As disciple of Jesus Christ, we are called to live a community life. Fellowship was at the center of the early Church. We believe that if more than 50 verses in the New Testament speak of: "one another" it is that in the mind of God, the Church is a family which implies that the people who form a Church must know each other, dating, loving, protecting, supporting, carrying each other's burdens etc ...

We believe that as a community we will be numerous and must live fraternal communion. And knowing that living a good fraternal communion depends on the number, we must have gatherings in the houses with a limited number of 15-20 people at most. We want by this model to be a solution to the different problems of fraternal communion that the different communities face.
These Churches in the house will be autonomous and dynamic while basing its functioning on the model of the early Church. 50% from the resources of these churches will go to the EYEWEIGHT initiative. These churches will meet every Friday evening or on a day agreed by each church in the home of a leader. And once in the month according to each city or town we will meet in a place rented for this purpose.

III. COMMUNITY ENTERPRISES INITIATIVE (Ephesians 4:28) As community one must come together to improve our well being by applying ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. It's a model economic which consists in creating the companies belonging to people belonging to a community, by financing them themselves and who receive the dividends.

1. Presentation of the Initiative
One or more members of the community who have expertise in this area present a project to the community.

2. Study of the project
the managers study, agree and carry the project.

3. Project financing
The mobilization of finances by community members and those from outside who will agree to join the community as part of the project. The funding of members will be shared equally and for a fixed term.

4. implementation of the project.
the execution of the project will be carried by the member or members who presented the project. If the one presenting a project does not have expertise, the community will therefore entrust the execution of the project to a member who has it and the presenter (s) of the project will assist him. Community members will have priority over employment.

5. The income
The revenues from this project will be shared with members who fund it. A sum of money determined by all the members of the project will be given each month to the different members.
Profit sharing will be done as follows: 40% will go to the project, 30% to the members of the project and 30% to Levez les yeux.

Since it is the spiritual that controls the physical, we are aware of the reality of spiritual combat. To bring this great vision to fruition, we need to put together a team of intercessors who will pray for the community 24H/7.


  • Help and assist young Christians in self-employment etc.
  • Mobilize the body of Christ for the mission and well-being of missionaries and men of God.
  • Support missionaries and missionary organizations financially, morally and spiritually.
  • To encourage the body of Christ to unity.
  • Create the chains radio and television,
  • Create health centers and schools,
  • Create community businesses.
  • Sensitize the body of Christ on the Pan-African mission of the Church in Africa.
  • Mobilize financial resources


Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. Our actions are oriented towards the mission and the search for funding for the well-being of missionaries.

  • We organize special evenings for missionaries.
  • We organize missionary trips.
  • We organize days of reflection sure the Church African.
  • We are on networks social etc.



    Ngomba Jean is an African from Cameroon and is currently based in Cote d'Ivoire. he has been a missionary for 20 years. After high school, and training in missiology, he joined the mission. he worked with the Inter-African Missionary Action (AMI) in Ivory Coast, he did research on unreached peoples in Ivory Coast and Benin, he spent 8 years in Bangladesh as an independent missionary in the church planting, evangelism and discipleship.



    Wilson is a Christian, born again in October 1992 by the grace and intercession of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Two years later after his conversion, God led him to a major Christian conference organized by the Inter-African Missionary Action (AMI) and called “ECOMIN 94”. It was a great blessing for which he still thanks the Lord Jesus Christ today. This good foundation rooted him in true faith and put him in contact with missionary work and decided him to consider with attention, dedication and to continue relentlessly in his generation, in study, prayer and obedience, these imperatives which are the knowledge of the Mystery of God, Jesus Christ, the apology of Him, Jesus Christ and “the salvation of souls” by the preaching of “Christ crucifies”, power of God and wisdom of God for salvation from anyone who believes.

    Wilson is the CRD treasurer and his desire is to see the Church become more involved in the mission