The missionary is any servant of God who works with a missionary organization in the city in its offices or in a mission field.

The missionary is any servant of God who works in the villages as pastor, Evangelist, prophet, Apostle, Doctor.

The missionary who signs up must get involved in the mobilization by sharing the site with his friends and acquaintances.

The missionary will decide by what means to send him his support.

For missionaries who do not master the computer tool we will go to them with a form which they will fill out and will help them to register because it would be necessary that all those who work in our villages are taken into account


We invite missionaries to register; but in order to keep a good reputation, once registered your account will not be active until we receive a recommendation from your organization signed and dated on the letterhead of it. After verification we will send you an email to inform you that your account is now active and that you can now post information about yourself and start receiving donations. For independent missionaries it will be the same principle