Name: YEO
Date of Birth: 01/01/1978
Nationality: Ivorian
Family situation: Married, father of 3 children
Missionary organization or Church Christian Missionary Foundation (FMC)

The Christian Missionary Foundation is a missionary agency that is both indigenous and cross-cultural. It targets unaffected people in Côte d'Ivoire and elsewhere. It promotes a holistic approach in evangelization, that is to say reaching all people, namely their spiritual, physical and social needs.
As a mission structure, the FMC-CI is involved in the following departments:
• Missionary research and publications
• Missionary awareness and mobilization,
• Missionary training (especially through our missionary training structure based in Katiola)
• Sends missionaries
• Church planting
The purpose of all the activities mentioned is to plant churches among unreached peoples in order to form disciples of Jesus.

Before answering the call of God, I wanted to be only a donor by supporting the men of God because I saw some living in difficult conditions. However, the Lord decided otherwise because he convinced me that he needed me.
My burden for the mission was born following a stay of 3 years in Mankono; Ivory Coast (for study reasons). In the church I attended, there were no natives present, and I was sad. I started to inquire in the city to make sure that the Koyaka (the indigenous people of Mankono) were in some churches in the city. Reality was difficult for me to bear because there was none at all.
I then started to do fasting and prayer programs for these people. As I prayed for this people, their burden grew more and more in my heart so I began to think of unaffected people in general. I came to understand that the Lord was calling me to be a missionary. However, I had asked the Lord to give me the grace to work before embarking on the mission for fear that some would say that it was because I had nothing to do that I became a servant of God. The Lord answered me by giving me a job after my training in Agro-mechanics and vehicle and machine maintenance.
However, he convinced me that very day, that I had to accept to go on the mission field after I met Dr. Kashale then Director of the FMC.
In early 2002, I joined the ranks of the FMC and in May 2002, I was sent on the mission field to Daboungo (Sinematiali).
It was in this field that the military crisis occurred.
My life has been endangered several times. Indeed, on this field, they almost fell me considering that I was a gendarme, but the Lord rescued me. I was even stripped naked on one of these occasions and on the verge of being shot for the same reasons, when the Lord once again intervened in my favor.
I worked on this field in planting the church as well as in Badikaha.
I later assumed the responsibilities of the Tagbana field in Kationon where during our leadership the Lord opened the doors for many conversions in this spiritually renowned village. After 5 years spent in this field, I was asked to work on mobilization as a manager. The work continues in Kationon now with a trained church leader taking over. It is even in this village that our missionary training institute is located.

The responsibilities that I now assume as Director of the mission are certainly greater, but the experience acquired on the field continues to inspire me. My passion is to see the reign of Christ established in the NAPs of our country but also those elsewhere.

Country of activity: Ivory Coast
Mission field: Abidjan (National Director)
Domain of activity: Church planting, Evangelization, discipleship
Begining of mission: 02/05/2002
Work description:

My responsibilities as Director consist in supervising this work and ensuring that we remain in the vision received from the Lord while providing pastoral assistance to colleagues and workers of the FMC-CI. Since 2012, I assume these functions after having been a missionary implanter on the fields and responsible for mobilization for 3 years.

Needs: a vehicle to visit the Mission fields
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